Setting Yourself Up For Lifetime Income

When we hit our golden years the last thing that we want to do is worry about the income that we will have when we stop working.  When we enter into retirement we want to start drawing on all of the money that we have saved and had grown over the years.  The problem is, what will be the best investment opportunity for you that will give you the best return as well as not be depleted because you outlived your money.  This is where looking into annuities and iras grayslake il come in.

Don’t let investments be intimidating

When it comes to investing your money don’t let all of the fancy talk, slick sales people and the numbers scare you.  Most people are fearful to invest money into anything because they just don’t understand and some people just don’t know how to explain it correctly.  When looking at investment income do your research and look for multiple vendors and opportunities.

Don’t put all of your money in one place

When it comes to basic money management, never, ever, under any circumstance put all of your money in one place.  When you put all of your money in one place you are more likely to lose it if something goes wrong.  You are also locked into whatever you put your money into and subject to their rules.

Develop seven streams of income

If you were to ask any millionaire out there how they made their money, most of them would tell you that they had seven different streams of income.  The reason for this is that if one stream under performs or goes dead they have six others to take up the slack. 

annuities and iras grayslake il


When investing your money be aware of taxes and penalties.  The government loves to get money that really isn’t theirs.  So, make sure that you understand how the taxes work.


Make sure you know and understand the withdrawal policies.  You don’t want to be hit with penalties and fees if you don’t have to. 

Make your money work for you

At the end of the day look at options that will have your money work for you.  If it isn’t working for you then you are working too hard for your money.