Who Pays the Most for Glendale Auto Insurance?

Arizona drivers must carry auto insurance on all registered vehicles in order to comply with state laws. Failure to carry the mandatory auto insurance on the vehicle is a crime, with punishments ranging from fines to suspensions of driving privileges. For many people, auto insurance costs frighten them and they think they cannot afford coverage.

auto insurance in Glendale AZ

It is true that auto insurance is expensive, but a few comparisons help find the best prices for coverage. No cost estimates and online cost calculators are available to use at no cost to determine where the best rates for coverage can be found. Tons of insurance providers are out there, so make sure you learn rates with several of them before buying a policy. Never buy insurance without first comparing the options. This almost always results in spending more for auto insurance in Glendale AZ.

Drivers over the age of 50 pay the least amount of money to insure their vehicles. On average, Glendale drivers 50+ pay $1,367 per year for coverage. Teen drivers pay the highest auto insurance rates in Glendale, with costs averaging $6,345 per year.  The 20-somethings pay an average cost of $2,047 per year for coverage, while 30s and 40s pay between $1,400 – $1550 per year.  You can see that it’s important to compare auto insurance costs so your rates fall within the typical price ranges, since the costs can be quite large for the typical driver.

Keep in mind many factors impact auto insurance costs. This includes your age, credit score, driving history, and the company selected for coverage.  Married couples pay a couple hundred less per year for coverage, while men spend slightly less for their auto insurance needs compared to women. As long as comparisons are made, it’s easy to get the rates you’re most comfortable paying.